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Order a Lead Crystal Battery application today.........!!!!


Lead Crystal®Batteries are ideal products to replace lead acid and gel batteries.

The excellent properties of Lead Crystal®Batteries have been well received in China, and have successfully entered markets in Southeast Asia, Africa the Middle East, Europe and other international markets.

The batteries are widely used in solar energy, wind energy, storage systems, telecommunications, UPS power supplies, power stations, railway passenger cars, road traffic signals, electric vehicles, electric bikes, beacon signal indicators and other areas – see the chart below.

This new environmentally friendly product is rapidly blending into the consumer lifestyles of many industries and is widely accepted by professional institutions and individuals.

What markets to target with Lead Crystal®Batteries?

Lead Crystal®Batteries can be used in all applications where Lead Acid, Gel or AGM batteries are used today due to their Form, Fit, Function design.

However there are some applications where the excellent features of Lead Crystal®Batteries are far superior compared to conventional batteries!

Alternative/Renewable Energy – solar and wind applications: solar farms, household, stand-alone applications such as parking meters, solar buoys, information and road signs, etc.  Lead Crystal®Batteries perform excellently in these applications despite the possible deep discharges (as the sun isn’t always visible), the temperatures (cold in winter and hot in summer) and the cycle life.

UPS & Backup Solutions – the high current capabilities, deep discharges, long lifetime, low gassing and extreme temperature ranges of the Lead Crystal®Battery provide many more advantages over conventional batteries concluding with lower cost of ownership.

Marine Applications – safety and power availability on-board (low gassing and very little self-discharge), very low maintenance and long life (standby and/or cyclic).

Electric Motion Applications – wheelchairs, golf carts, electric scooters, electric industrial cleaners and small industrial transport.  

Lead Crystal®Batteries will give more cycle life, faster recharge time, less maintenance and therefore a lower cost of ownership and better performance.

Telecoms  long lifetime, long runtime and high security on availability of power means fewer batteries to switch out, less maintenance, deep discharge possibility without quality loss, high cycle life and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures (saving on installing expensive additional air-conditioning) will give you an excellent value proposition.

The product ranges we supply with Lead Crystal® Technology

With Lead Crystal®Battery technology we can offer four different ranges that meet and exceed the normal standards:

The CNFJ range  this is our standard range and is used for multiple applications like solar & wind energy, energy storage, UPS or back-up power, stand-alone power for military and medical applications, rail solutions, etc.  The 2V cell has been specifically designed for large industrial battery banks that need to provide a high level of consistency and reliability with capacities running up to 3000 Ah per cell.

The CNFT range – designed to meet telecoms specifications with standard 19″ telecoms racking dimensions and front terminals therefore making them easy to connect in series and easy access for maintenance and checks.

The HCNFJ range  one of the newest in our range, the 6-HCNFJ-7.2 has been specifically designed for UPS’s that need high power output for short autonomies.  We now supply the increased capacity 9.0 Ah battery but within the same 7.2 Ah casing.

The EVFJ range – designed to meet the high current and high cyclic needs for electric vehicles and industrial grade machinery like fork lift trucks and power carts. These batteries are also widely used in golf carts and similar devices. They are built to meet a high cycle life and withstand high current discharges.

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