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Energy storage: something for you.....?
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Revolutionary Battery Technology
Revolutionary Battery Technology
Solar- and Wind Energy
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Revolutionary Battery Technology

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the storage of solar and/or wind energy:

How to best store the energy from the solar panels temporarily until the moment that we need it? Solar and/or wind energy is generated when the sun shines or when there is wind.

This is not necessarily always at the same moment when we also need the energy. So far, the difference in supply and demand is still easily offset by the large power plants on the grid.


But as there are more and more solar systems being installed and/or wind turbines, it is becoming increasingly important to find solutions for temporary storage of this energy, such as batteries. 
With Lead Crystal Batteries you can achieve greater storage.

If you are not home during the day, but in the evening you are, you can ensure that the energy generated during the day is stored in batteries, so it available again for your appliances in the evening.


What is needed for storage of solar energy?


First, you need batteries (battery packs), of course. The more batteries you have the more energy you can store. The energy stored in the batteries has to become available again on the grid when you want it. This requires a battery inverter, which converts the direct current of the batteries

(DC power) into alternating current on the grid (AC power).


Batteries are costly, and their life is highly dependent on the way in which they are charged and discharged again. The more 'cycles’ (times of charging and discharging) they experience, the faster they lose capacity. Therefore, it is important to use the batteries smartly: only start charging when it is appropriate and only export back to the grid at the right moment. This requires an intelligent control system that takes into account for example the weather forecast.


What does the storage of solar energy cost?


The costs of such systems are strongly dependent on the desired capacity. Batteries are the most expensive component, and the more batteries you install, the more expensive it gets. Furthermore, the battery inverters are also fairly expensive. The products for the intelligent system control are, in turn, a lot cheaper, but they nevertheless also come down to a few hundred euros.

And finally, there are installation costs involved as well.


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