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Endless benefits with Lead Crystal Batteries w


99% of the battery can be recycled and thanks to its long service life in your application, you need not replace them as frequently as other batteries.


No cadmium or antimony, so less detrimental. Complies with the ever stricter international environmental legislation.


No risk of leakage, far less hazardous chemicals and less liquid thanks to crystalline electrolytes.  


Classified as non-hazardous for transport. It is amongst the only batteries that can be transported by air as standard freight.


A three-year manufacturer’s warranty for every battery. Both the manufacturing plants and production processes are fully ISO certified.

Better performance

Charges twice as fast as a regular battery. Totally peak-load and deep-discharge resistant.

No memory effect function

The battery can be fully discharged and recharged without any negative impact on its life cycle.


Long life cycle 

Float service life up to 18 years. Up to 6000 charge/discharge cycles (at 20% DOD and 25˚C)


Trouble free in warehouse

You can keep the battery in stock for two years without having to charge it. That makes logistics much simpler.

Temperature range

Operates at temperatures between -40°C and +65°C

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