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With the right inverter you will generate even more energy source

The inverter


The inverter is the core component of the system. Solar panels generate DC power, but household appliances operate on AC power. An inverter converts DC power into AC power. The type of inverter that's best suited for you, depends on the number, type and output of the panels.


Optimum efficiency of the inverter


The efficiency of the converter is dependent on the number of panels and the output of the inverter. There are many factors that determine the efficiency of an inverter. To determine your optimal system configuration, we use software that calculates how many and how the panels must be connected to the inverter.


With a roof optimally located facing south, it is more likely that the panels will deliver their maximum output, than with roofs facing west or east. If you have a roof that is partially affected by shade, we will select the right converter for you.


Inverters are very complex intelligent devices. The best inverters achieve a higher efficiency and have a much longer life. A good converter is perhaps more expensive, but it will pay for itself.

Location of the inverter


The optimal location of the inverter is as close as possible to the panels. This minimizes yield losses due to long cable distances. If this is not possible, the diameter of the cable will be adjusted accordingly.

The optimal location of an inverter is preferably indoor, but outdoor is, of course, also possible.


The inverters are naturally also suitable for outdoor. Always choose a dry but cool place.

Inverters can get hot under full load. Not all inverters are silent.

So do not install an inverter at any location where the noise bothers you.

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