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Solar and Wind Energy
Most promising renewable energy source

Why solar and wind energy


Solar and wind energy are the future. This is because the prices of the systems have been dropping steadily for years. Innovation is taking place continuously in this field, where the yields are increased and the service life is extended. There is of course also a direct correlation with the number of systems being sold worldwide. In the past couple of years, the market grew annually by 50%!


Energy saving


With a solar and/or wind energy system, it is possible to generate your own overall electricity consumption. Consequently, both are an important first step and the path to the energy-neutral homes of the future.

Climate change and CO2 reduction

Whichever way we choose to look at the numbers, the CO2 level in the atmosphere has reached excessive proportions due to our energy needs. Knowledge institutes and research organisations have unanimously declared that we cannot wait for the best or the cheapest solution to the excess carbon dioxide. All the options we have at our disposal must be used optimally to limit the global temperature increase.


The renewable energy with almost no negative effects


A solar panel requires practically no maintenance, produces almost no noise and is easy
to install on almost any type of roof. Furthermore, this clean energy source does not have
the disadvantages of many other renewable sources. The solution can be found in solar energy. Solar energy and wind energy are free, they are sufficiently available and they are clean and environmentally friendly. The purchase is a one-time investment; Once the system is
in working order and delivered, it will automatically pay for itself




Both forms of renewable energy are a very good investments and a direct way to save on your energy bill. Even without subsidies, it is already attractive to invest in your own solar plant. 


Generating your own energy is great!


The moment you put solar panels into operation, you will, for the first time, see your energy meter run backwards. With a 'smart meter' it will not run backwards. It will then do a separate reading of the delivery.


You now have your own electricity supply.


Solar panels offer you the following advantages:


  • You currently get a much better return on your investment than by a deposit in a
    savings account at your bank.

  • You reduce the CO2 emissions.

  • You save 'significantly' on your energy costs.

  • You are much less affected by rising energy prices.

  • Solar panels have an impact on the energy label of the home.


Solar Energy
Wind Energy
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