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Wind Energy
Most promising renwable energy source

Wind turbines


Wind energy is extracted by wind turbines. These wind turbines are not the old-fashioned windmills where tourists come to the Netherlands, but the large white wind turbines.

A wind turbine extracts energy from moving air. Windmills are increasingly located in wind farms, and there are an increasing number of large wind farms in the Netherlands. The capacity to generate wind energy is therefore increasing.


How much power does a wind turbine generate?


One modern wind turbine can, with a wind speed of 5 Beaufort, in one hour, supply an average family with almost a full year of wind power. After all, the wind turbine generates 3,000 kW (kilowatts) per hour.


The average power consumption per household in the Netherlands is 3,300 kWh (kilowatt hours) per year. Of course, the harder and more often the wind blows, the more power a wind turbine generates. Moreover, a wind turbine in the North Sea or off the coast also generates more than inland.


Wind energy at a wind force of…


What wind force is necessary for wind energy? With a wind force of 2 to 3 wind turbines already turn wind into wind energy. With a wind force of 6 or more, the greatest quantity of wind energy
is extracted. If it blows even harder than a wind force of 10 to 12, then the wind turbines are shut down for safety reasons.


Benefits of wind energy


Of course, the advantages are obvious:


  1. It never ceases to blow;

  2. Sustainable energy source.


There are also drawbacks to wind energy:


  1. Not everyone is happy with the wind turbines affecting the view;

  2. Birds are killed by the rotor blades, and the wind energy costs are quite high.

Solar and Wind Energy
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