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Off-Grid System
Off - Grid system...... impossible does not exist
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Energy Storage

Storing electricity in battery


An autonomous system ensures that you are independent of the grid. The principle is simple: electricity is generated sustainably through solar panels or wind. An intelligent controller determines whether the power will be going directly to the user or will be stored in an energy storage system. That way you also have electricity at times when the sun is not shining or the wind died down.


Battery and controller


The controller is the core of your installation. If there is an immediate demand for electricity, the controller will promptly send the electricity to user station (e.g. an indicator light).

Is there at the time of electricity generation no demand for it, then the electricity is stored in the batteries, where the storage capacity is calculated according to the consumption demand.

How does it work?


As soon as more electricity is generated than consumed, it is stored in a battery. Thanks to the inverter, the DC power from the batteries can be converted into usable energy for different consumers. The core of the installation is the controller which determines whether the power goes to consumers or is stored in the battery.

Our solutions are intelligent controllers that charge and discharge our battery optimally.


Ideal for remote areas


Ideal for remote areas, that cannot reach the grid. Such as the light supply at a chalet in the Ardennes or an open air festival/event. An off-grid system, also known as an autonomous solar system, is the perfect energy supply for when there is no electricity grid available.


The planning and construction of an off-grid system is done very different from normal solar power system which is connected to the electricity grid. In an off-grid solar power system, there is no connection to the grid.


One of the great advantages of an off-grid/standalone system is that you are independent of the grid of your electricity supplier. There is an increasing demand for these off-grid systems, not only abroad but also in the Netherlands.




An off-grid system consists in the majority of cases of solar panels, and/or a wind turbine, a number of batteries and a control system which controls the installation.



Off-grid systems can be found, among other things at;

– islands
– remote locations
– home owners who have no relationship with the power company



Solar and Wind Energy
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